Over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from sleep apnea, raising their risk of early death. 



True informed consent means patients are told that orthodontic treatment such as extractions, braces and headgear can damage the jaws and airway.



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Using simple, inexpensive treatments and public health measures, we can reduce or prevent jaw and airway damage.

Mewing Maxims

  1. Human mouths evolved to have room for all 32 teeth, which includes wisdom teeth.
  2. Crooked teeth, sleep apnea, and jaw joint problems are predominantly the result of environment and lifestyle, not genetics. 
  3. Crooked teeth are a symptom of poor facial growth, not an independent disease.
  4. Modern orthodontics can flatten the face, retract the jaws, and reduce the size of the airway especially if teeth are extracted.
  5. A narrow airway is implicated in sleep apnea, which has been shown to reduce cognitive development, neurological development, and life expectancy.

Crooked teeth and these other ailments could be reduced or prevented by simple orthodontic and public health measures.

Studies of skulls from just a few hundred years ago compared with today show human jaws are still shrinking. There hasn’t been time for this to be a genetic problem. You can get crowded jaws within a generation. So, it’s primarily a response to environmental changes accompanying a sedentary life and industrialization.”

– Prof. Paul Ehrlich, biologist, Stanford University



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