Open Letter to GDC

For too long our concerns have not been heard nor debated.

We are seeking public engagement on these topics and
would like the GDC to engage with us:


Crooked teeth, sleep apnea, and jaw joint problem are predominantly the result of your environment and lifestyle, not genetics


Crooked teeth, or malocclusion, is a symptom of poor craniofacial growth, not an independent disease


The three-dimensional collapse or retraction of the
maxillae (as described by Craniofacial Dystrophy) leads to malocclusion and more narrow airway


With or without extractions, modern orthodontics can, at
times, be retractive


A reduced or insufficient airway is implicated in sleep
apnoea, which has been shown to impair cognitive and
neurological development and reduce life expectancy


It is not acceptable for the orthodontic speciality to openly
admit that it does not understand the cause of the problem
and not to fully engage in full, free and fair debate on this


Before starting treatment, orthodontic providers should explain the possible side effects of retraction


Faces that grow fully forward have space for all their teeth, fewer of these ailments, and look attractive


Patients lack adequate information on other less popular
treatment approaches to make informed choices, in
particular, prior to maxillofacial surgery


Crooked teeth, malocclusion, sleep apnoea, and TMJ
dysfunction could be reduced or prevented by simple,
public health measures

We do not claim to have all the answers.

But we do claim to have asking the right questions.

We call for a full, fair and free debate on these subjects.


Anyone and everyone can participate and be heard, undesirable voices are not excluded


A level playing field, where an independent scientific body ensures fair play


No areas are excluded or considered irrelevant until proven otherwise

We would like to all practitioners to have equal access to the salaried researches paid by for by the state, and we would like the opportunity for all the different groups to engage in prospective comparative research, including comparison of facial form.

We realise that research and evidence is less valuable without the context provided by logic and discussion. It is our concern that legitimate debate is not occurring within the orthodontist speciality which is becoming more of a religion than a science.

We want the truth,

the whole truth and no dogma.