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Tooth Extractions

Do you have more trouble breathing after extractions or braces? You aren’t alone. An estimated 50% of orthodontic patients have their premolars extracted as part of orthodontic treatment. Many patients believe these extractions led to a narrow face, retracted jaw, and narrow airway.
Read more about the risks in this article by Prof. Karin Badt.
Extracting Premolar Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment: The Risks

1986 court verdict of Brimm vs Malloy determined that premolar extraction/retraction orthodontics can cause severe damage to the jaw join

Effects of first premolar extraction on airway dimensions in young adolescents:

  • Overbite (Class II)
  • Underbite (Class III)
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • Before Jaw Surgery, make sure you know all of your options

Time to Change Orthodontics

Identical Twins Case

One of Dr. Mew’s most famous cases involve treating sets of identical twins with different methods: Orthotropics vs. extractions and traditional orthodontics. Twin studies are critical for separating genetic and environmental variables. This video features one of Dr. Mew’s most famous set of twins as grown ups.