Support Dr. Mew in Legal Battle Against GDC

It is vital that we support Dr. Mew in this case, as it not only affects the integrity of his work, but also our ability to choose treatments that prioritize the airway.

Support his legal battle with the GDC and protect patient choice.

Mewing Maxims

The Foundational Principles

‘Mewing’ is a phenomenon that has taken off globally and is now practiced by millions of people worldwide that are experiencing real improvements in health and appearance resulting from improved oral and facial posture.


Crooked teeth, sleep apnoea, and jaw joint problem are
predominantly the result of your environment and lifestyle,
not genetics.


Crooked teeth, or malocclusion, is a symptom of poor
craniofacial growth, not an independent disease.


The three-dimensional collapse or retraction of the
maxillae (as described by Craniofacial Dystrophy) leads to
malocclusion and a reduction in the breathing spaces
within and behind the maxillae.


With or without extractions, modern orthodontics can, at
times, be retractive.


A reduced or insufficient airway is implicated in sleep
apnoea, which has been shown to impair cognitive and
neurological development and reduce life expectancy.


It is not acceptable for the orthodontic speciality to openly
admit that it does not understand the cause of the problem
and not to fully engage in full, free and fair debate on this


Before starting treatment, orthodontic providers should
explain the possible side effects of retraction.


Faces that grow fully forward (opposite of Craniofacial
Dystrophy) have space for all their teeth, fewer of these
ailments, and look attractive.


Patients lack adequate information on other less popular
treatment approaches to make informed choices, in
particular, prior to maxillofacial surgery.


Crooked teeth, malocclusion, sleep apnoea, and TMJ
dysfunction could be reduced or prevented by simple,
public health measures (or at times inexpensive
orthodontic procedures

Studies of skulls from just a few hundred years ago compared with today show human jaws are still shrinking. There hasn’t been time for this to be a genetic problem. You can get crowded jaws within a generation. So, it’s primarily a response to environmental changes accompanying a sedentary life and industrialization.”

– Prof. Paul Ehrlich, biologist, Stanford University

It is scandalous to think that 20% of the population will die early on account of airway, jaw and facial ailments, most of which could so easily have been prevented


True informed consent means patients are told that orthodontic treatment such as extractions, braces and headgear can damage the jaws and airway


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Using simple, inexpensive treatments and public health measures, we can reduce or prevent jaw and airway damage.